Butternut (Cucurbita moschata)

Early Remix butternut

Early Remix butternut


Butternut squash are familiar to most home cooks. They are dependable and easy to cook with as it is so easy to slice off the portion with the seeds and the rest is so usable!  Butternut is also sweet, brightly colored and flavorful!  As so many cooks are familiar with butternuts, they have not been a focus of our long storing squash project. But they are typically very long storing and are excellent in recipes that call for SALAD, SIMPLE or SWEET squash. They have a fine grained texture that makes them great grated into salads or as 'carrot' sticks.

In western Oregon it is hard to mature butternuts as they need a long season to mature. Adaptive Seeds crossed all the earliest (shortest season) varieties a while back and has been selecting productive plants from that cross for several years. Their open pollinated butternut Early Remix is the result of that breeding project. Early Remix is high yielding and long storing in our western Oregon trials.



Alexandra Stone