Sunshine (Cucurbita maxima)


Sunshine lives up to its name. It is a very beautiful red kabocha-shaped squash weighing in at 2-5 pounds. Sunshine was bred by Rob Johnston of  Johnny’s Selected Seeds and was named an All America Selection in 2004. Sunshine isn't JUST a beautiful ornamental (although you might not want to eat it because it is so lovely) - it has excellent texture, sweetness, and flavor.  In most areas of the US, Sunshine can be stored into January. However, in western Oregon squash are exposed to very damaging storage rots, and Sunshine grown with overhead irrigation does not typically store well here.  However, in our trials in 2016 comparing squash grown with and without overhead irrigation, Sunshine grown without irrigation ( in an area where there is little to no summer rain) stored into March 2017. We are repeating this experiment in 2017-18. 

Alexandra Stone