Tetsukabuto (Cucurbita maxima x Cucurbita moschata)


A cross between a Cucurbita moschata (butternut type) and a Cucurbita maxima (kabocha type), Tetsukabuto (Tetsu) is a mule of the squash world, and it truly is a workhorse! It is extremely productive, resistant to diseases and insects, and it stores and stores and stores and stores and stores and stores (you get the point - it puts the WINTER back into winter squash!). This is not a squash that will rot on your kitchen counter.

Incredibly (but true), Tetsukabuto tastes great from mid-October all the way through April (and likely later).  And to help you track the change in the season, Tetsukabuto changes color from a deep glossy green when it is harvested in September, to stripes of green and orange later in the fall, to a waxy tan in the deep winter. But it is ALWAYS delicious, regardless of its color. 

For reasons impossible to understand, Tetsu is not commonly grown or eaten in the US, although it is popular in its country of origin (Japan) and has also been wildly popular in Brazil since the 1960's.

JOIN the Tetsu revolution! Put the WINTER back into winter squash!









Alexandra Stonesaucy, sweet, simple